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For the first time since 2008, the Pestalozzi Trust membership fee will increase on 1 March 2014. The new standard fee will be R1080 per family per year.

BUT YOU CAN SAVE: Families joining before 1 March will join at the old fee. And, because the Trust keeps its members at the same fee at which they joined, that discount is a permanent, annual discount, as long as your membership remains uninterrupted. (Some of our old members still pay R600 per family per year.)

So, join now and get the old fee of R960 per family per year (irrespective of the number of children). And, if you have only started homeschooling, and your children were still at school (or under schoolgoing age) in December 2013, you get another R120 discount, making your fee R840 per family per year - as long as you remain a member!

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On 9/2/2014 Mr. Hugh Night enquired on the Facebook page:


“What laws make present education criminal ?”


Dear Mr Knight,

There is, in fact, an entire cluster bomb of laws, regulations, policies and procedures at national and provincial (especially the Western Cape) level that result in education being effectively criminalised. Many of these are in themselves unlawful and/or unconstitutional.

These instruments of law and policy are being used by fervent education officials to bully, threaten en persecute people who are trying to provide for the educational needs of many children – while millions of parents are desperately looking for any effective education for their children. In short, the situation is as follows:


 .....but our final goal is

to make sure you never need us


The Pestalozzi Trust is a registered public benefit organisation, exempt from income tax because it uses the contributions of its members to ensure that parents have peace of mind if they educate their children according to the children's best interests. 

The law is on the side of your child's best interests.

We help you to protect your child's education when officials don't.


The Pestalozzi Trust enjoys wide recognistion for the work that it does. This also comes from far beyond ranks of homeschoolers ranks alone.

Many educationists at universities and education researchers, spritual leaders of various faiths, members of parliament, journalists, child psychologists and pediatric psychiatrists occupational therapists, and even education officials and social workers have great appreciation for the work that we do. Indeed, there are education officials who rather refer enquiries to us that to their own colleagues who are responsible for administering home education.

The Trust as established itself as an authoritative source inf information for the homeschooling community, the public, the media, researchers and organse of government. Our authority has developed from:

  1. Effective response to prosecute homeschoolers, sometimes with full media coverage, and numerous other attempts to harass homeschooling families. The result is that homeschoolers are presently left in peace, especially when it becomes known that they belong to the Pestalozzi Trust.
  2. Thousands of telephonic and email enquiries and tens of thousands of pages of information that the Trust provides every year.
  3. The Trust’s initiave what compelled the education minister to rewrite his intended state curriculum in a manner that largely relieves children from the consciencious compulsion that the original version intended.

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We follow our calling primarily by:

  1. Protecting and promoting the right to home education.
  2. Preventing and solving conflict between our members and education and welfare departments departments and other state authorities, and by defending members families in court if conflict cannot be settled outside the courts.
  3. Supporting the objectives and activities of other homeschooling organsiations that share our principles.
  4. Maintaining mutually supportive relationships with homeschoolers in other countries.

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Contrary to the allegations of some malicious politicians and some education officials who openly promote a political agenda, the following is the case:

  1. We are not an umbrella that protects lawless people, and we don not encourage people to break the law. On the contrary, we help homeschoolers to compel the authorities to obey their own laws. In short, we promote the rule of law.
  2. Membership of the Trust is not an alternative to registration with education departments. Many members of the Trust are registered with education departments. Indeed, homeschoolers who are registered with education departments have encountered much more conflict with officials that those who are not. Accordingly, those families who are registered with the departments need their membership of the legal defence fund even more than those who are not registered.
  3. The Trust is not a profit machine intended to exploit homeschooling families. If we were, the Reciever of Revenue would cancel our income tax exemption at once.

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