Cognition.Online: the Uber and AirBNB of Tutoring

Looking for a tutor? Try Cognition.Online – developed by ex-homeschooler Waldo Boshoff. It is an app-based platform on iOS and Android that revolutionises the tutoring industry, overtaking any platform currently available. Student demand and tutor supply are matched at a price they define, reminiscent of the Uber and AirBnB.

(Waldo and team winning the Samsung Launching People Innovation Competition)

Waldo did his Honours degree in Engineering and now heads the company Cognition.Online. A group of five Pretoria-based engineers (software, civil, industrial) and entrepreneurs with a diverse set of skills came together to produce ground-braking technology to change the way the tutoring industry works. The company was a winner in the Samsung Launching People Innovation Competition. More info at

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