Pestalozzi Trust Application form 2018-2022 (click to download)

Pestalozzi Trust Aansoekvorm 2018-2022 (klik om af te laai)


(1) Download the form.
(2) Make an EFT of R1200 (or R1080 if you qualify for the discount, see below), OR take out a stop order with your bank. If possible, request a non-expiring stop order, which simply runs on and which you only have to stop when your children have finished schooling. 
(3) Scan in your form. Scan in your proof of payment or stop order.
(4) E-mail the form, and proof of payment or stop order to


R1200 per family per annum, except if you join the Trust before you start out, or within 3 months of removing your children from school, in which case you pay R1080 per family per annum.

How do I submit the application form to the Pestalozzi Trust?

Scan it in and send it by e-mail:,  or by fax: 011 507 5997, or by mail: PO Box 12332, Queenswood, 0121.

How and when do we pay the membership fee?

(1) Pay the full membership fee and send in proof of payment together with your completed, signed application form, OR

(2) Take out a stop order with your bank for a twelfth of the annual fee, and send in proof of your stop order with your completed, signed application form, OR

How much is the membership fee?

The membership fee is R1200 per family per annum.
Do you qualify for a discount? If you join (1) when your eldest turns 7, (2) before you take your children out of school, or (3) within 3 months of taking them out of school, you pay the reduced fee of R1080 per family per annum.
Renew on time: Members who renew in time stay on the fee level at which they joined, in spite of increases in the membership fee in the future.

How do we pay the membership fee?

You may pay once-off, or you may pay by stop order. Please use your initials and surname as reference. Ask your bank to ensure that your initials and surname appears on OUR bank statement, so that we can link your payment to your account.

Membership of the Trust covers 12 months. Does the 12 month period start when joining the Trust, or does it run from January to December?

The membership period stretches over 12 months, from the date of joining the Trust (for example from 1 January 2018) to 12 months after that date (for example to 1 January 2019).

If you run a cottage school, learning centre or small school please visit this page to join.

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