Home Education with Confidence 2018.09.29 Pretoria


415 31st Avenue, Villieria, Pretoria. Parking available.

Home Education with Confidence

From 08:30 for 9:00 until 14:00

At Reformed Church Bet-El

415 31st Avenue, Villieria, Pretoria. Parking available.

R110 per family for members of the Pestalozzi Trust; R410 per family for non-members

Pestalozzi Trust / karin@pestalozzi.org

Come and ask your questions!

How does home education work? What does the Pestalozzi Trust do for its members? Is home education (still) legal? Wat does the law say about home education and about my child’s right to home education? Should I register? Can the welfare take away my children? How should I educate my child to be in line with the requirements of the law? How does home education differ from school education? What about socialisation? What about matric? How do I look after my home when I home educate? Am I able to work outside the home or from home, and home educate at the same time? Which curriculum or approach should I choose? Resources? How do I organise my day? What about negative comments from family and friends?

The presenter:

The three Van Oostrum girls, Cornelia (30), Uda (24) and Katrina (20) never attended school. Karin has been learning along with her children, and also learnt from other home schoolers in the almost 30 years of home schooling. She and her late husband, Leendert van Oostrum, were co-founders of the Association for Home Schooling in 1992. In 1998 they founded the Pestalozzi Trust, the legal defence fund for home schooling, and have since then run the Trust together.

Since her husband’s death in October 2016 Karin manages the Trust and is responsible for the general and financial administration of the Trust. She also handles daily telephonic and electronic enquiries on various aspects of home schooling. She is the first contact for emergency calls by members who come into conflict with the authorities.

She accompanied Leendert also to the Global Home Education Conference 2012 in Berlin, the GHEC 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, and attended the GHEC 2018 in Russia. In 2014 they were also invited to Nairobi, Kenia by the East Africa Christian Homeschoolers (EACH). Together with Leendert she saw a dramatice revolution in South Africa: for the tiny group of home schoolers there was in 1992 no provision in the law. Today there is, by the grace of God, provision in the law for home schooling (albeit imperfect) and there are tens of thousands of homeschoolers in South Africa, with many support groups, sources of information, curriculum suppliers, mailing list and groups on social media.

What happens at the workshop?

We discuss the basics of home education.

Come and ask your questions! There will be enough time for questions.

The workshop is also an opportunity to network with other home education parents. One can always learn from others’ experiences.

Children welcome, but parents are responsible for their own children. Grandparents welcome as part of the family.

Coffee and tea will be available. Bring along a picnic for lunch.


Please book beforehand to ensure a place—limited places available.

Bookings close on 26/09/2018.

Please note: Only persons who booked will be notified of any changes or cancellations.

How to book:

Please complete the booking form. Then deposit your seminar fee, using your name and surname, as well as the date of the seminar, as a reference. Send the completed booking form together with the proof of payment to karin@pestalozzi.org.

Account: Pestalozzi Trust, ABSA, 4048112677, Branch: 335545 (Hatfield), cheque account.

Other events: Homeschooling expo Pretoria 15/9/2018; Small Schools Workshop Pretoria 3/11/2018; Tuisonderwys met Vertroue Pretoria 17/11/2018

 karin@pestalozzi.org or 012 330 1337/ 071 192 6070.

2 thoughts on “Home Education with Confidence 2018.09.29 Pretoria

  1. My son is a year now and I’m interested in home schooling him… I would like to know what is needed and when start home schooling, the costs.

    1. Hi Samela

      Homeschooling starts the day your child is born. Play with your child, and talk to him, read to him, count everything around him, and involve him in your life. Living with your child like this enables you to meet his education needs as well.

      A young child does not need programmes so much as a meaningful relationship with his parents and siblings – that is where socialisation and learning starts.

      At the various expos and workshops held across the country one can get an idea of the homeschooling materials available – please feel free to contact me, should you need more info on meetings and expos. One always learns a lot from other homeschooling moms as well.

      You are welcome to contact me for more info at karin@pestalozzi.org.

      Kind regards
      Karin van Oostrum

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