We are grateful to announce that Ms Phindile Ngcobo from the DBE has just confirmed that the Minister has granted extension for the comment period on the Draft Policy on Home Education till 31/1/2018. Earlier today she said that the DG and the Deputy Minister had already signed, but that they were still waiting for the Minister’s signature. She mentioned that she received a very large number of requests for extension. Thank you very much to each and everyone who took the trouble and time to send in a request for extension. Our requests have been heard!

The Draft Policy is an extremely important document, and more time is urgently needed to consider the immense changes it will bring to the homeschooling landscape, if passed as is.

The Pestalozzi Trust and various associations made submissions on the Draft Policy. Read the submission of the Pestalozzi Trust and the Annexure of the Pestalozzi Trust. The Submissions of the Association for Home Schooling and the Gauteng Association for Home Schooling were also sent in, as well as the submission of the Eastern Cape Home Schooling Association  and their Annexure.

The Pestalozzi Trust prepared resources and guidelines to help you. How to use them:

Send it to Ms. P. Ngcobo at ngcobo.p@dbe.gov.za. BCC a copy to homeschoolfreedom1996@gmail.com; this will allow the Pestalozzi Trust to keep track of the requests.

Also remember that the deadline for submissions on the BELA Bill has also been extended, and the closing date now is the 10th of January, 2018. You therefore have a chance to send in your submission, or an additional submission, if there are aspects of the BELA Bill that you still need to comment on.

So, if you have not done so already, please submit your comments – don’t let this opportunity pass you by! You are also welcome to make an additional submission. By taking part in this campaign, you are making and changing history. Please make your voice heard!

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