Final Version of Draft BELA Bill

On 19/12/2019 the Minister of Basic Education sent the Pestalozzi Trust the proposed “final version of the draft BELA Bill” (dated 13/12/2019) and invited us to a meeting to discuss the changes.

We have been in regular contact with the DBE over the last two years, requesting meaningful participation. The DBE promised to allow us an opportunity to interact with them prior to the BELA Bill being tabled in parliament.

There are some positive changes in the proposed Bill but the essential problems remain and we will be highlighting these to the Minister and her team.

We are currently studying the changes to the Bill and will with the aid of our legal team advance arguments to protect the rights of home educators. Should you have any comments kindly send them to the Trust.

A few key facts:

• The Bill is not law.
• This is still a “proposed” version of the Bill.
• The current version has been distributed to allow for further engagement with the DBE.
• To the best of our knowledge it has not been formally placed before cabinet. That is the first step to it becoming a law.
• The Bill not yet been tabled in parliament, which is the second step to it becoming a law.
• Parliament will conduct public hearings on the proposed Bill.
• Major changes can be made to the Bill by parliament.
• The parliamentary process can take anything from two to four years.
• Only then will it be law.

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