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Membership application – Cottage schools

2020-21 Application Form and Agreement Community-based Education Institutions

You must complete EVERY question FULLY, using PRINT. It must be signed by the duly authorised representative of the institution.

Please use the space on page 2 for additional information, or add an annexure.

2020-21 List of Learners at the Institution

Commitment to Make Payments of Membership Fee 2020-21


How do I join my school/centre:

Email the following documents to

(1) Pages 1 and 2 of the application form. Use a separate page if you need more space to give the details of the teachers/facilitators.

(2) Photographs of the inside and outside of the institution, as well as ablution facilities. [NB: Photographs should ALL TOGETHER not exceed 1MB. Otherwise your message might not be downloaded.]

(3) The List of Learners in Excel format. [Please keep the list in EXCEL. We can’t use it in pdf format.]

(4) Your proof of payment, OR your commitment to make payments, OR your stop order from your bank. [You should submit this document AFTER receiving an invoice from the Pestalozzi Trust. As soon as you have been invoiced, payment arrangements can be finalised. ]

(5) A detailed, extensive description of your curriculum, your approach, and how you provide for your individual learners’ needs in your institution. Take your time over this document; it is of the utmost importance, and will determine your membership status at the Trust, as well as being the basis of your constitutional protection under the law. Without this document we won’t be able to defend you adequately.

(6) Details about your registration with the DBE or not: any correspondence, any letters, any documents?

(6) Now we can process the application.