Resources: Beginners & Veterans

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Join an email discussion group where about 1500 homeschoolers countrywide continually discuss various aspects of home education. Make your own contributions, ask questions or just lurk in the background. Look up various interesting topics in the archives of the group. Send an empty email to:

There are also numerous South African Facebook pages and groups where you can meet homeschoolers.


Christian Unschooling :   Website by one of the pioneers in South African home education (who now lives in England). Cathy Koetsier explains the principle and practice of the “unschooling” approach. One of the very best resources for beginners to understand the possibilities that home education can open up for them and their children, to get an education far beyond what is possible at school.

Dynamis Martie du Plessis from Dynamis offers seminars and consultations for homeschoolers.

Association for Homeschooling :   A very wide variety of general information and commentary, references to other resources, and more.

Shirley Erwee’s website: A wide variety of very informative general information.

BeitHaSefer provides educational materials. Contact Lindy Malan 012 5460701 for all kinds of textbooks and materials for all grades.

Afrikaans vir Graad 1 tot 3 is available from Omvattend Afrikaans by Willemien Kruger.

Subscribe to Tuisskool-in-Afrikaans by Marisa Haasbroek, a homeschooling mom and writer. Learn idiomatic Afrikaans.

Maths textbooks (Gr 00 – 7) are available from Brombacher and Associates: effective and economical.

Looking for a tutor? Try Cognition.Online– developed by ex-homeschooler Waldo Boshoff. It is an app-based platform on iOS and Android that revolutionises the tutoring industry, overtaking any platform currently available. Student demand and tutor supply are matched at a price they define, reminiscent of Uber and AirBnB.

e-Library is a convenient electronic library that is really affordable. The feature that makes it so unique is that the library includes age-appropriate content for your children. e-Library can suggest good books for a reader, based on other books that the reader has previously chosen. Library books can be accessed on all major electronic devices including tablets and smartphones, as well as your computer. The library also offers audiobooks and read-along books.

HeartGuardian is a unique South African resource for family-friendly books, movies, activities and social contacts for your home learners.

Options for matric:

Association for Homeschooling

Footprints on our land (High School)