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4 Steps To Start Homeschooling

Confused? Worried? Follow these 4 steps:

  • Join the Pestalozzi Trust. If you are Afrikaans-speaking, join here. If you are English-speaking, join here. The Pestalozzi Trust will support you and protect your children’s right to education. Members receive an emergency number to call when in conflict with the authorities regarding their homeschooling. We help you sort out the problem.
  • Give the school notice in a friendly, grateful manner. Give notice at the school, request a transfer certificate, and request a final statement of your account. Important: If you plan to return your child to the school next year or after Covid-19, please contact the school to find out what exactly the school would require of your child in order to be admitted and placed. Although this process is guided by legislation, not all schools apply the legislation in the same manner.
  • Organise your child’s learning materials. Read this article on resources for homeschooling. Use what you have at hand. Buy what you can afford or what works best for you now. Consider buying books only, eg from Lindy Malan (072 268 2237) to give yourself the chance to do research for the future, and to give your family some breathing space to get used to the new situation. Remember: Your child is NOT going to fall behind! In a home environment the child is learning much more than at school – it is real life! At home your child is in a safe, loving environment, with parents who care for him and like discussing all the important stuff in life with him and reading to and with him. Make the most of this time: Teach him everything you know, all the important things in life, and everything you want him to know before he leaves home one day as an adult.
  • Regarding registration, read first these articles. Read more at this link under the section “Registration”, and also read this article. Please contact us at defensor@pestalozzi.org if you have any further questions or need specific support.

Enjoy every moment with your child!