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Be Prepared!

During the past two weeks the Pestalozzi Trust received a number of emergency calls on its emergency number. It seems that the Education Department is actively searching out homeschoolers and small schools in an attempt to grow the number of registered homeschoolers on their data base.
In a case in the Northern Cape the official entered the family’s home, without having made an appointment beforehand, and without having stated his agenda beforehand, and he demanded to know why the children were not registered as home learners with the Department.
The mom called the emergency number of the Pestalozzi Trust (the family is a member of the Pestalozzi Trust) and within minutes the legal consultant of the Trust contacted the official. He explained to the official that the unrealistic registration requirements of the Department made it impossible for the family to register their children as home learners. It was agreed that the matter will be discussed further at a meeting between the Trust and the Provincial Department, which will, God willing, take place during next week.
Members are encouraged to ensure that their membership has not expired, so that the Pestalozzi Trust can assist your family during these unpleasant encounters that occur at unpredictable moments.


    • Hi Angela!
      If you scroll down under the section “Home Education” you’ll find a link “Join”.
      Download the application form, complete it, and send it with your proof of payment to defensor@pestalozzi.org.
      You are welcome to give us a call if you need any further info.
      Kind regards

  1. I wish to commend you for the good work.you are doing especially in the area of homeschooling and to ensure that parents who have opted for that are adequately protected as enshrined in the constitution .Please keep up the good work.


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