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Pestalozzi Trust continuing the work


After the passing away of Leendert van Oostrum, in life the Chairman and Manager of the Pestalozzi Trust, the Trustees resolved that the following three Trustees will fill the void left by Leendert’s demise.


  • Mr Bouwe van der Eems, who fulfilled the role of Treasurer for the past 15 years in the Executive of the Trust, shall fulfil the role of Chairman.
  • Mrs Karin van Oostrum, who has been working at Leendert’s side in the Executive since the founding of the Pestalozzi Trust in 1998 in the role of Secretary of the Trust, will fulfil the role of Manager.
  • Advocate André Williams will support the Executive as a legal consultant. He has been Trustee of the Pestalozzi Trust for a considerable time and was involved in multiple discussions with the authorities about home education.


The work of the Trust therefore continues as normal. The enquiry and information functions, as well as the 24/7 emergency number, remain unchanged and functional, as always. (At this very moment the land lines of the Trust are out of order after a storm, but we trust that they will be in working order shortly. You may still reach us via e-mail, and the emergency number remains unchanged and available.)


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