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BELA Bill Submissions in


The Pestalozzi Trust submitted its comments on the BELA Bill today to Adv Deon Rudman of the DBE. The Pestalozzi Trust trusts that the comments may lead to fruitful discussions between the DBE and the home schooling community.

Many homeschoolers and cottage schoolers wanted to participate in the public invitation to comment. These parents and cottage schoolers are serious about the future of education in South Africa, and are working towards an excellent education and a better future for their children and their learners.

This is an opportunity and time of your life both you and your children and grandchildren will fondly remember.  Thank you for your enthusiasm and participation!


  1. We are homeschooling and love it. Kids get bullied in schools and there is the danger of sex and drugs. When our son attended the nearest Afrikaans school 50km from us (and in a hostel) in gr1 and 2 there was always problems. Hiperactivity, issues with his concentration and then this and then that. We as parents were so stressed about everything. Now we are relaxed. Our child is not shy and communicate very well with people of all ages. We do gr 3 now. And hope to be able to homeschool for many years to come…

  2. I am praying the Government sees the benefit of homeschooling and cottage schools. There are so many children who do not fit into the system and end up being left uneducated. At least with cottage schools there is an alternative option for them. The Educational Department needs to be more open minded and see the benefits that home schooling and cottage schools provide.


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