Huis Comment on the BELA Bill

Comment on the BELA Bill

BELA Bill Submission to Parliament

The Basic Education Laws Amendment (BELA) Bill was tabled at parliament in December 2021. This bill has the potential to take away the rights and freedoms of home educators to choose the kind of education that is in the best interest of their children and could transform home education into a mere extension of the state-controlled school system.

The South African Schools Act (SASA), which the BELA Bill seeks to amend, also does not make provision for the various forms of alternative educational modalities in use in South Africa, in effect rendering these modalities illegal. Since the Constitution does not put a limitation on the education modalities that may be used to achieve a basic education, amendments should be added to the BELA Bill to bring the SASA in line with the Constitution and allow a diversity of forms of education. The BELA Bill in its current form seems to attempt to make all education part of the state-controlled school system, in order to make it easy to monitor.

The submission period has now opened. Submissions must reach Parliament by 15June 2022 at 16:00.

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