Huis Nuus Help persecuted Cuban homeschoolers

Help persecuted Cuban homeschoolers


Cuban homeschoolers need your help!

Cuban homeschooled children under threat

Home education is forbidden in Cuba. Persecuted homeschoolers now are appealing to the international homeschooling community to help free jailed homeschooling parents and to help protect the rights of homeschooled children in Cuba.

In Cuba schooling is mandatory up till the ninth grade. All schooling, including university education, is free. In addition Cuba has a very favourable teacher:learner ratio. It is indeed an apparently progressive education system.

But in spite of this, homeschooling is not allowed, and homeschooling parents are being locked up in prison.

Mike Donnelly, Director of Global Outreach, HSLDA (US), reports:
“Pastor Ramón Rigal, who has been repeatedly threatened with arrest and the removal of his children for homeschooling, reported that as of April 15, two fathers of homeschooling families had been imprisoned for refusing to stop homeschooling their children.” We learned that Pastor Ramón and his wife, Adya, have been detained as well. Read the citation that Pastor Ramón was forced to sign in so-called acknowledgment of his crime of homeschooling.

Cuban officials refuse to allow these families the right to choose the education they deem in the best interests of their children. According to the authorities education is a function of the state, and, seemingly, of the state alone.

The HSLDA wrote a letter to President Trump to request his help in freeing these parents. Learn how you too can help these families, who now have to look to the international community of homeschoolers for support.

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  1. Good day
    As a Christian and a parent I have a responsibilty before God to teach my children in God’s ways. We will all stand before God one day and be judged on what we taught our children or what we allowed our children to be taught. I have no control over what I allow my children to be taught at schools. Schools these days go against Jesus and His character and therefor I believe that I need to take responsibilty for training my children in God’s ways. I believe that because God created us and we are made in His image we can never teach our children effectively when we leave Jesus out of our curriculum. Parents are merely stewards of the children that God entrusted to them and there is a reason why he chose specific parents for specific children. I believe that every parent has “ingredient” inside of them that God wants to impart into the children. You cant be an effective teacher to your child if you hardly see them. Because our children belongs to God we have a much stronger responibility to please Him and train them in His ways. Every parent should have the right to homeschool their children and should NEVER be afraid of penalties and imprisonment. Our children belongs to God. We need to train them in His plan for their lives.
    I plead you to assist in this family matter and help them out of jail, so that they are free to teach their own children.


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